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I have completed my fully funded master’s degree in Computer Science, specialized in Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Visualization, from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada. As a tech-savvy myself, I am always excited to try and learn state-of-art technologies which have given me the ability to work on different areas such as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Affective Computing, Data Analysis, Visualization, Brain-Computer Interface, Vision and Machine Learning.

Although working with computers is my profession but learning and experimenting with new techniques have always been my hobby. As a researcher, I like to explore different possibilities to solve real-world problems. For example, in my master’s thesis, I filled the gaps in Visualization and Recommendation Systems with Affective Computing (Emotion Analysis). I have developed a recommendation system for visualization tools that shows personalized help for every individual using emotion sensing. Moreover, I have published the concluded works in reputed conferences and have received honorary awards.

Presently, I am looking for a job where I could apply the knowledge I have gained and solve new challenges!

Please visit the vialab webpage for more details.