The concept of CampusConnect (an intranet social networking site) is based and keeping the simple motto – “How can I Help?” and not “What I can Get?” This is to create a positive impact on personal and professional level particularly in the ‘Way of Life in the Campus’, by means of exchange of information or services among individuals, Groups or even like-minded teams who ‘Care and Share’. Most importantly, cultivation of productive relationships within the campus by means of ‘Connecting’ with one another.

In the present era of knowledge and information, there is a basic expectation that everyone should be aware of the happenings going around him. Similarly in a college campus, it is expected that every student should know about the events being happened inside the college campus. These activities relate to various fields that comprise the college premises – academics, sports, cultural activities, hostels etc.
Many a times in colleges, classes get postponed randomly or an important notice that has to be broadcasted is not efficiently spread in the college. Even if people know about it, they don’t have sufficient knowledge where to approach for which specific event.
The existing notification system of many campus is displaying of information on the notice-boards which has been time and again proven to be highly inefficient and many times remained outdated. Most students don’t bother to go and check these notices.
This leads to the problem definition of making the CampusConnect- Creation of a common easy-to-use platform from where a student can:

  • Gather all the information he requires to be updated and able to share it.
  • Report his discomforts regarding academics or stay inside the campus.
  • Make friends and chat
  • Upload/Download multimedia or academic related stuffs
  • View and contribute on different topic discussions
  • Share urgent information
  • Create own profile

Work concludes:

Developed and deployed CampusConnect in the college campus covering all the above mentioned objectives.