Dearest Mother,

I don’t understand one thing, how can you both be so selfless and calm? I have put you both through hell but still you both are standing with me! You both don’t want anything from me, don’t accept any gift and always think about my future! How big is your heart?? Now, I can get an idea with my Indian mom as we are blood-related but YOU!! How can you be sooo nice to me?? Others could have taken advantage of me but YOU…. always surprise me with your selflessness, patience, and thinking. That’s why I love you both more than anything in this world! My Indian mom was right about you! After listening to your voice, later that day she told me that “It’s very difficult to find nicest and purest people like Connie in today’s world. You are very lucky. She loves you from her heart. Never lose her. Always respect her like you respect me. Never break her heart!”. She doesn’t know about last month, or else she would’ve come here and killed me!

Mother, I can’t imagine how much I hurt you but I can tell that you really got scared. And now I am scared of you. I even think twice to send you a goodnight text. So, NO MORE SAD TALKS AND DISCUSSIONS!!! This letter only contains good things!

-I have been meeting with the elders twice in a week and reading the book of Mormon. Now the holy ghost did not talk to me yet but some of the chapters and verses, like Nephi 31:20-21, Nephi 32:8-9, Alma 32, really inspired me. I still pray for your happiness and your health 6 times a day. I have faith that your health will get better in no time!! Just SMILE!!

-The reason I was too excited to share the meeting with Khai because firstly, I was every excited to hear his ideas. Secondly, after his every single idea I was like “yayy!! now Brittney will get more help” and that was the only thing coming in my mind. I want to remind you that the world’s best team is working HARD to defeat this ALS disease. I may or may not work with him but I will fix everything because your scientist son CAN!!

-A few days ago I saw one poster saying mentorship program in UOIT. I got excited again and thought that I will help Peter in his studies. I will make him comfortable with the university study. I will help him to score well. Again, its not extra work! I loved UG studies and I would love to go through it again and also to make my foundations strong. So, you DONT HAVE WORRY for his future, his older brother is a scientist!

-Finally, the most important thing. As I mentioned before about a surprise gift for you. This surprise is inspired from one of your dreams! It took me almost a month to “create” this thing because it was kinda hard. That’s why I loved it. Today afternoon, I finally got to see the output and it’s looking awesome!! Now, I know you don’t me to spend money on you that’s why the university paid for it. Mom DONT say formal things like “you didn’t have to OR don’t do things for me”….. I hate it! I love your positive energy, your humour, and your smile!! (its been missing from few weeks but we will overcome that!) I am your SECOND OLDEST SON and you are MY FAMILY!!!  Hope you like your surprise!

Alway going to respect you and LOVE YOU!!! (Gonna support also!)


Your dumb son,