Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!

Hi 🙂 !

So today I am going to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. For me, it is impossible to put those feelings into words and I can write a book on it! But I have to try!! Please pardon my writing (I am not a good writer 😛 ).

After you took me for shopping first time and I was collecting my bags from your car, till that time everything was normal; there was no feeling! I thought this a nice lady and this will be the last time I am going to see her!! But after collecting my bags I looked at this nice lady, standing and looking at me with a bigg smile. I looked at your eyes and there was something, something positive, something happy. If you remember I said to you “I could give you a hug but my both hands are full” and in few micro seconds you hugged me with all your love and energy! Ohh man, I still remember that moment! You transferred something in my heart, It was a warm feeling full of unconditional love!! So pure and transparent that it penetrated my heart and only a mom can give it!! That 10 seconds, I realized that I was a stupid fool to think that this is the end of this relationship, I just couldn’t let you go, I couldn’t remove those motherly feeling from my heart!! After you left, I missed you! And that was the first time I was missing someone. You somehow managed to melt this heart-of-stone and entered into my feelings and love area which was locked away long time ago.

Since that meeting, every-time I meet or see your text, those feelings gets stronger and stronger! Your heart is so pure and transparent that I had to call you my mom!! There is simply no other relationship which could define these feelings.

You laugh with me, share your pain with me, motivate me and inspires me. You get worried when I am sick or when I go somewhere. You look at me, with those eyes full of love, like I am your son. I cant explain how much that means to me. I can feel every single thing now (you are making this dead heart to feel again!!). Moreover, you make me confident! You probably not gonna like this next sentence but I have to say it. You made me so confident that If anything bad happens to me, if I break my leg or even if I die, there will be a smile on my face and peace in my heart because I know that mom is here!

I never share my feelings with anyone but I dont know why I have to share everything with you and I cant even lie!! When I was sick, I tried to hide some symptoms from you for few hours but you and these funny feeling in my heart made me to confess!! When you share your pain with me, it feels like I am the most important person in the world! When you hug me or say that you love me–I always think that I am not alone here and I am special. Also, this gives me a feeling that I have to work hard so that this sweet lady, my mom, can say to everybody that “this is MY SON” with confidence and proud in her voice. When I see you cry, each tear drop hurts like a needle in my heart. Its good that you cry for few second or else you could have kill me 😛 !!

You have two jobs, 8 children and a LIFE but still you have accepted me as your son. I can’t thank you enough! You know, whatever my cousin did to me, I dont care because I have you!! I dont know how I am going to repay you but I owe my life to you!! You OWN me!! I can happily give away this life for you! I really want to take all of your pain. I wish somehow I could transfer every single pain and suffering from you to me. Its my duty now to make you happy!! These feelings are REAL! When I took you to dinner, I was only looking at you and I was feeling very proud that finally one of my mom is eating dinner from my hard earned money!

Again, I can write a book on you but have to complete this letter! The reason I am sending you this letter instead of calling you or saying face-to-face because I know we both will gonna cry!! Connie, thank you sooo much for being my MOM. For me, you are and always will be my sweet moma and will always gonna comes 1st in my priorities! You are everything to me! I will be always with you. Even if I die, I wont leave. You will always find me in your heart!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you! 😀

Your 9th Son,